Mama’sMK01.12 065.2 Kitchen is dedicated to providing essential nutrition to those struggling with AIDS or cancer in our community. We strive to give critically ill people a second chance at life. For some, illness strikes and they have nowhere to turn. Often they are too weak or too sick to shop and prepare meals for themselves and their families. That’s where we come in. It’s our mission to take care of these people, who are vulnerable to hunger. We make sure they are fed and that their children don’t go hungry. We’re giving them a chance to reclaim their health and have a better life. Please join us in the fight to end hunger among our neighbors in need.

In May, Mama’s Kitchen’s volunteers prepared and delivered 27,003 meals to 354 clients battling AIDS or cancer through our Home Delivered Meal Service. This included our clients’ 41 minor dependent children who live with their parent. Mama’s Pantry helped 376 low-income HIV+ individuals by providing the equivalent of 5,640 meals during the month. And our new Emergency Food Assistance program provided 63 meals for 3 people in need of supplemental nutrition.