Messages of happiness, healing, rejoice, and gratitude are, of course, some of our favorite types of messages we receive from our clients. Throughout the year, we receive meaningful notes that remind us why cook and deliver thousands of meals each week and work so hard to support our neighbors in need. Read some of these messages from our clients:

Please enjoy some of these messages that, with your help, we are able to make possible.

“Having Mama’s Kitchen meals helped bring my A1C numbers down by 2.3% in two months! They also helped me recreate the meals, so shopping and maintaining my lower numbers became sustainable.”

-Martha, Mama’s Kitchen Client

“Sometimes after a chemo treatment, or a long day at work, I go home and I don’t have any motivation to cook. But knowing that Mama’s Kitchen will provide me meals that I need to keep me going, and I know that I’m never going to get hungry. It’s such a big blessing.”

-Jaymee, Mama’s Kitchen Cancer Client

“I used to never have vegetables, now I find your cooked vegetables to be my favorite part of my meals. I am very thankful to be Mama’s Kitchen client, my meals are more nutritious and tastier than before.”

-Eric, Mama’s Kitchen HIV Client

“Your meals brought down my A1C from 11.5 to 8.5. They are helping me become a healthier person. Please continue to do this amazing work!”

-Sharon, Mama’s Kitchen Diabetes Client

Messages like this remind us that the work we are doing is a part of a larger healthcare solution. Together, we can put up the best defense against malnutrition and hunger for those who rely on our services to remain strong and healthy. Please consider funding a meal today.