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Use the power of nutrition to improve your patient’s health and reduce preventable healthcare costs. Mama’s Kitchen specializes in medically tailored meals and individualized nutrition education for individuals with critical illnesses. Medically tailored meals are an effective intervention for reducing overall healthcare costs, as well as reducing the frequency of, and costs associated with, hospital readmissions for critically ill individuals. We want to partner with you to support better health and recovery for your patients.

Research on Medically Tailored Meals Shows: 

Benefits for Patients

  • High-quality Medically Tailored Meals: Meals are customized, made-from-scratch meals tailored to each individual’s diagnosis.
    -Available diets include:
  • Tailored Intervention: Individualized sessions with a registered dietitian nutritionist focused on teaching nutrition education and improved disease self-management. We also have a bilingual client service team available to answer questions from you and your patients.
  • Expertise: Mama’s Kitchen has over 30 years of experience serving critically ill San Diego residents and is HIPAA compliant.

Intervention Details

  • Meals for 12 Weeks: Medically tailored meals customized to the individual’s diagnosis and needs.
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy: Monthly individualized sessions with a registered dietitian nutritionist.
  • Information and Referral Services: Program engagement case management (referral to community-based resources).

What Our Partners Are Saying

“Mama’s Kitchen is a LIFESAVER! So many patients and their families have stress relieved. Many of our patients live alone and cannot cook at all so this is the only way they get any kind of food.”
-Fernando, Mama’s Kitchen Healthcare Partner

“Mama’s Kitchen has been a godsend for my client who initially was resistant to adhering to a healthy diabetic diet. She states that she now understands the benefits of vegetables and fruits in helping to control blood sugars.  She is less inclined to eat whatever is available in the refrigerator because she has healthy foods already prepared for her.”
-Jessica, Mama’s Kitchen Healthcare Partner

Older woman with dog

Success Story

Rhonda lives alone with her dog in a senior living complex. Her goal at the beginning of our program was to lower her A1C level from 8.1% and to feel better overall, especially when taking her dog for walks. Rhonda had just suffered from a bout of early kidney disease. Rhonda is now eating 100% of Mama’s Kitchen meals and really enjoys the nutrition education sessions. She is especially focused on eating high-fiber meals, checking her blood sugar regularly, taking her medication, and being sure to schedule doctor’s appointments. Now, her A1C has lowered to 7.4% and recent labs show improvements to her kidney health. Rhonda recently shared, “I feel so much better with Mama’s Kitchen, I have more energy and the food is so tasty!”

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