Letter from a Client

“I came down with the AIDS virus 10 years ago. I couldn’t clean my apartment or even bathe myself. Without Mama’s Kitchen I would have died. I was with their program for 5 years until I found new meds. I went from 10 T-cells to having 600-800 10 years later. Now because of the AIDS… Read the full article »

Bravo to Coronado Playhouse for Their Support

Mama’s Kitchen would like to applaud the Coronado Playhouse in gratitude for their generous support! The 2016 season marks Coronado Playhouse’s 70th year of community theatre. The first show of the year was Sugar, based on the screenplay for the classic film Some Like It Hot. At each show, Coronado Playhouse sold fresh baked cookies… Read the full article »

Mama’s Meal Services — April 2016

Hunger causes AIDS and cancer medications to be less effective (or worse, toxic) and makes it difficult for people to safely take these medications. Mama’s Kitchen responds to San Diego’s need for a county-wide meal delivery service for local residents who are living with AIDS or cancer and are physically and/or mentally unable to prepare… Read the full article »