The EFA program provides:

  • Up to twelve (12) weekly grocery bags in a twelve (12) month period each containing perishable and nonperishable food items sufficient
  • To make up to 21 meals or one week of groceries.

Program Eligibility:

  • HIV+ residents of San Diego County are eligible.
  • Access to the EFA is through a referral from a County of San Diego case manager who completes the one-page referral form and faxes it to Mama’s Kitchen.
  • There is no income restriction for eligibility.
  • All supporting documents are retained by the referring case manager.


  • Interested agencies may pick up EFA bags from Mama’s Kitchen and keep them at the agency until distribution.
  • For any questions or to arrange a pickup, please contact Client Services at 619.314.5789 or

EFA Forms: