Our Values

Decisions and behaviors are driven and guided by the following core values at Mama’s Kitchen.

Dignity and Respect
Focus on the individual is at the heart of everything we do at Mama’s Kitchen. Mama’s Kitchen fosters a community where mutual respect and dignity are preserved by promoting humanity, compassion, and empathy toward our clients, donors, volunteers, and staff.

Mama’s Kitchen is resourceful, efficient, and flexible. Our clients tell us that reliability is what sets Mama’s apart from other nonprofit organizations.

Guided by honesty, loyalty, and commitment to confidentiality, Mama’s Kitchen is responsive to the needs of all our clients, volunteers, donors, and staff. We pride ourselves in doing what we say we are going to do.

Mama’s Kitchen is an all-inclusive family. We foster a welcoming environment and embrace all members of the community without judgment.

Mama’s Kitchen Land Acknowledgement Statement

At Mama’s Kitchen, we acknowledge that our facility is on unceded, occupied, traditional territory and homeland of the Kumeyaay people, who have been living and working on this land from time immemorial. We need to protect and honor the history and the people.

For 10 millennia before the Spaniards and other European settlers arrived in California, indigenous people lived in the areas now known as San Diego and Imperial counties and Baja California. Although this nation of Original Americans has been called Southern Diegueno, Diegueno-Kamia, Ipai-Tipai, or the San Diego Mission Indians, the people prefer to be known by their own name: Kumeyaay. We acknowledge this legacy and view acknowledgment as an important first step to building mindfulness and awareness. We find inspiration from this land; the land of the Kumeyaay.  Click here to view the Native Land Map.