In honor of our 25th Anniversary, we’re collecting donations to help stock our kitchen shelves. Please consider making a donation that provides essential nutrition to our neighbors who are vulnerable to hunger. Here’s what your dollars can buy:

Bananas for a Day $100
Beans for a Day $100
Whole Wheat Bread for One Week $250
Oatmeal for One Week $250
Turkey Breast for One Day $500
Pears for Two Weeks $500
Baby Carrots for One Month $700
Orange Juice for One Week $1,100
Whole Grain Cereal for Three Weeks $1,100
Milk for One Month $2,300
Yogurt for Two Weeks $2,300
Stock Our Kitchen for One Day $2,800
Broccoli for One Month $5,000
Cheese for One Year $10,000
Stock Our Kitchen for One Week $20,000

To donate, please visit