Cancer does not descriminate, it affects people across all ages, races and classes. Our client Jaymee J. is all too familiar with “That Sh*t Called Cancer.” She was at the top of her career as a former TV host, and movie personality in the Philippines when she was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer in October 2016. From that point on, she has been on active treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation and has even had lumpectomy surgery. Unfortunately, the cancer came back in 2018, 2019 and 2020. Since then, she has been classified metastatic breast cancer survivor, and has adoped the new pen name Jaymee WINS.

Jaymee immediately took to social media to not only share her story, but to also inspire all those going though a rough time and battling critical illnesses. Not only is she an inspirational influencer, she’s also a self-published author and podcaster!

“Having been through all of that, I’m giving back by inspiring people to manage their own life hurdles by publicizing my cancer survivorship story, life experiences and “glass half-full” mindset. My hope is that sharing my struggles yet continuing to live life fully will motivate you in making those little wins happen for yourself. Here’s to finding the path to great health, mindfulness, clarity and good energy! With one little step at a time, we can get there together.”

Many of our clients are cancer survivors, like Jaymee. Not only do we provide meals through our Cancer Nutrition Program, Mama’s Kitchen also works one-on-one with clients to raise awareness about the importance of diet and nutrition and to help make healthy lifestyle changes. One of the chemotherapy side effects that our clients often report is loss of appetite and motivation to cook. Through the harshness of chemotherapy treatements, Jaymee has been able to count on home-delivered meals from Mama’s Kitchen.

“To all the volunteers and supporters of Mama’s Kitchen I would like to extend my deepest gratitude for making this all happen. It’s very beneficial for people like me who don’t have the time to cook, the energy, or feel unmotivated. Thank you so much for all your hard work.”

“You’re giving me the gift of time, instead of preparing food, I use that time to spend with my loved ones or write my book so I can pursue my dreams while I’m alive.”

Stories like Jaymee’s remind us that the work you and I are doing is a part of a larger healthcare solution. Together, we can put up the best defense against malnutrition and hunger for those who rely on our services to remain strong and healthy.