TheAlberto Cortés, Executive Director absence of a consistent source of nutritious food triggers the vicious cycle of poor nutrition, worsening health, increased healthcare costs, increased poverty, and a less happy life.

The nutrition services provided by Mama’s Kitchen can actually improve the lives for our clients with HIV or cancer. They are more likely to live independently, better manage medical treatments, decrease stress, and learn to eat nutritionally. People who have food security have better adherence to their medications; their health outcomes improve and their sense of hope and happiness also improve.

From a healthcare costs perspective, malnourished persons with health challenges, like HIV or cancer,  miss more doctor visits, have hospital stays that are three times longer, have inpatient costs that are three times higher, and are 1.5 times more likely to be re-hospitalized within 15 days of discharge.

Research shows that well-nourished patients can reduce healthcare costs by up to $12,000 per person, per month. Compared to the cost of an emergency room visit ($1,200 per day) and a hospital stay (Average of $4,000+ per day), the cost of our three meals (about $10.00 per day) proves to be is a very inexpensive intervention.

Thus, Mama’s Kitchen improves the lives of the people who receive our services, reduces healthcare costs, and makes our community a better place.  You make our community a better place. Thank you.