Mama’sswinerton3 Kitchen would like to thank Swinerton and the Swinerton Foundation for their generous support throughout 2016! This year, Swinerton volunteers spent several afternoons in our kitchen preparing vegetable and snack items for our Home-Delivered Meals Service. These items are staples of our meal deliveries and help us provide a fresh and diverse menu to our clients. In addition to their time, Swinerton also supported Mama’s Kitchen mission by forming a fundraising team for Mama’s Pie in the Sky and with a generous year-end donation!

Swinerton Builders is a commercial construction company that provides services in the Western United States for commercial office, retail, multi-family residential, hospitality, healthcare, education, and the entertainment sectors. With local offices in Rancho Bernado, Swinerton supports several causes in San Diego County. Through The Swinerton Foundation—a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization—employees can support causes close to their heart, with the financial backing of the company and the emotional support of colleagues.

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