In order to protect the compromised immune systems of our clients, our pantry follows specific guidelines.

Mama’s Pantry opened in January 2004, and since that time we’ve had 41,619 shopping visits, providing food to 1,950 HIV+ low-income neighbors.

  • We purchase 100% of the perishable food items and 75% of the nonperishable food items
  • 25% of our nonperishable items come from food drives hosted by members of the San Diego community
  • We inspect all food to insure freshness and quality.
  • We don’t distribute food past the manufacturer’s ‘best if purchased by’ date
  • We don’t distribute donated food if the product’s history cannot be accounted for
  • We don’t use leftover food from retail stores or catering events

No government funding is received for Mama’s Pantry. 100% of our Pantry food costs is donated by individuals, business and foundations committed to providing our clients with a quality shopping opportunity. Thank you to everyone who supports Mama’s Pantry!