“..I wanted to write you a few lines on behalf of my son, David.

…This service he has been receiving now for quite some time has been and is a Godsend! About two years ago, I was beginning to think that would be his last. Now there has been great improvement in him since being on this program. The food has helped so very much. I’ve seen his appetite improve and his will to live! I believe a lot has to do with him having people he actually doesn’t know, personally, but knows there are so many that actually care for him, and do so willingly, to bring some joy into his life. The volunteers are wonderful and give him encouragement a lot through the week.

He enjoys the food, and because he has never been much of a cook and also a person who ‘eats to live’…it’s always been difficult to get food into him.

As thank-you-391055_1920his mother, I’ve aged and find it more difficult to look after anyone buy myself anymore. So I appreciate so very much, also, this wonderful organization.

Thank you and everyone for all that you do.

Thank you also for the little extras you do — such as the holiday deliveries and the personal birthday card and cake. He turned 57 on August 18. What a blessing to see his improvement.

What a blessing Mama’s Kitchen is to San Diego! God bless all who are involved with their time and energy and dedication!”

–F.E., mother of a client who is battling AIDS