Extravagant red rose bouquets, heart-shaped boxes filled with decadent chocolate truffles, fancy dinner outings. These are just a few of the many grandiose gestures that come to mind when we think of the day to celebrate love. A day to sweep your partner off their feet and show them your infinite and undying love to their whole being. But aren’t we forgetting something?

Valentine’s Day is not just a day to celebrate romantic love. It lends itself to the opportunity to celebrate platonic love between friends and family.

Since the beginning of Mama’s Kitchen, among the thousands of individuals that commit themselves to volunteering, there are some who have been doing so as partners. And not just romantic partners! We have parents who deliver meals with their children, siblings who do meal plating together, long-time friends helping out at events, the list is endless. This year we’d like to highlight the buddies, the pals, and the amigos that make every day seem like Valentine’s Day here at Mama’s Kitchen. We’ll call it a Palentine’s Day celebration!

Enter Linda and Kaye, who embody the celebration of love every Tuesday and Friday.

In 2021, Linda and Kaye began delivering meals together to substitute for their friends who were on vacation. They enjoyed their time so much that after their friends had returned home, Linda and Kaye wouldn’t give up the route that they substituted for! They have since kept the route plus adopted a second one! Without missing a delivery day since they have quickly become a duo that we can always depend on.

According to them, the best thing about volunteering is, “the opportunity to help others in the community and if you like meeting new people and having adventures every week while laughing this is the place for you.”

They love getting to connect with their clients and deepen their friendship together. Our volunteers are a necessity to our operation because they don’t just deliver food, they provide love. This time of year, we couldn’t be luckier to have them.