We’re thankful for our supporters who fundraise for us–they make a big difference in the lives of critically ill people in our community. Mama’s Kitchen relies on donations from our supporters to help fund our programs and bring our mission to life.

We’re making it a whole lot easier (and more fun!) for anybody to fundraise for Mama. Check out our new fundraising page. Now you can set up your own personal page on our website and easily get the word out to your tribe. And the possibilities are endless: hold a bake sale, dedicate your next 5K run, ask for donations in place of birthday or holiday gifts, have a 50-50 raffle, ride your bike 50 miles, host a dinner party, or teach a skill that you have. Whatever you plan to do, check out our new fundraising platform and have fun—it’s a rewarding way to make a difference.

Here are some tips to make your fundraising more successful:

  1. Set up your personal fundraising page online at mamaskitchen.org/donate/fundraise. Taking your fundraiser online will make it more successful because you can reach a lot more people. Tap into your online social network easily with a Mama’s fundraising page, and add a photo to boost your success even more.
  2. Say WHY you’re fundraising for Mama. Maybe you’ve had personal experience either through a loved one or from volunteering. Don’t be afraid to let people know why you are passionate about our mission! People are more likely to give money to a cause that is clearly defined, where they know exactly what their money will be used for.
  3. Set a deadline and a reasonable goal. Deadlines create a sense of urgency. They can also be set on a date that has meaning. For example, if you’re fundraising in honor of a friend, you could set the deadline to coincide with his or her birthday. If you’re a cancer survivor, you could make the deadline the anniversary of your remission.
  4. Ask close friends, family members and co-workers to be the first to donate. People feel more comfortable donating if they see others have donated before them.
  5. Have fun!