These Alberto Cortés, Executive Directorare trying times. In recent weeks alone we have been made aware of acts of violence in Orlando, Dallas, Istanbul, St.Paul, Dhaka, Baton Rouge, and Nice. Let us also acknowledge the many more acts of violence not shared in our media outlets.

In these times of violence, conflict, and division, we must encourage and support environments of safety, inclusion and affirmation. Places where people can unite behind a common cause to make our communities better by caring for the most vulnerable. For over 25 years we, at Mama’s Kitchen, have intentionally created such an environment.

Our core values of dignity, respect, integrity and diversity provide the foundation for this environment.

Let us take a moment to honor the victims of violence and support their families – the pain of their loss unimaginable.

I invite us all to continue our commitment to community – be it through your work and engagement with Mama’s Kitchen or any of the many worthy organizations that work to support our communities where support is needed.

These are trying times. Let us acknowledge our difference in opinions and experiences while standing together for common causes that unite and strengthen our community. Herein are our opportunities to make a difference.

Alberto Cortés, Executive Director